Paracetamol 500mg

Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet is utilized to temporarily reduce fever and mild to medium pain, for example, muscle hurt, migraine, toothache, joint inflammation, and spinal pain. This drug ought to be utilized with alerta and precautions in patients with liver ailments because of the expanded danger of extreme unfavorable impacts.

Uses of Paracetamol 500 MG

Tablet What is it recommended for?

  • Fever

Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet is utilized to give impermanent(temporary) relief from fever without treating the basic reason.

  • Headache

Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet is utilized to ease intense cerebral pains (headache) including a migraine.

  • Muscle Pain

Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet is utilized to assuage mild to medium torment of the muscles.

  • Menstrual Cramps

Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet is utilized to diminish pain and cramping related with menstrual cycles in ladies.

  • Post Immunization Pyrexia

Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet is utilized for the treatment of pain and fever that sets in after an immunization(vaccine) has been taken.

  • Joint pain

Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet is utilized to reduce gentle to direct agony related with joint inflammation.

Reactions and side effects

Major and minor reactions for Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet

  • Queasiness or Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Unfavorably susceptible(allergic) skin response
  • Gastric/Mouth Ulcer
  • Anemiarare
  • Weakness
  • Unordinary draining or wounding

Contact your doctor or drug's specialist as soon as possible if any of these indications or reactions are experienced all the time. This isn't a comprehensive list of reactions. It would be ideal if you educate your specialist in the case that you encounter any opposite response to the drug.

There are a several medications that may connect with Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet. Advise your doctor about the various medicines that you consume including vitamins, minerals, endorsed drugs, over the counter medications and natural items. For grown-ups Paracetamol 500 MG Tablet the general dose for fever and agony is 325-650 mg tablets once in each 4 to 6 hours or 1000mg tablets once in each 6 to 8 hours. It is encouraged to be guided by the specialist’s remedy and never to exceed the recommended dose.

Important information

There are numerous brands and types of paracetamol accessible and not all brands are recorded(listed) on this pamphlet.

Try not to utilize a greater amount than is prescribed of this medicine. An overdose of paracetamol can cause genuine damage. The maximum measure of paracetamol for grown-ups is 1 gram (1000 mg) per dosage and 4 grams (4000 mg) every day. Taking more paracetamol could cause harm your liver. If in case that you drink in excess of three mixed refreshments for every day, converse with your specialist before taking paracetamol and never utilize in excess of 2 grams (2000 mg) every day.

Try not to utilize this prescription without first conversing with your specialist on the off chance that you drink in excess of three mixed refreshments for every day or in the event that you have had alcoholic liver illness (cirrhosis). You will most likely be unable to utilize paracetamol .

Before utilizing paracetamol , tell your specialist in the case you have liver malady(disease) or a background marked by liquor addiction.

Try not to utilize some other over-the-counter cough, cold, hypersensitivity, or agony drug without first asking your specialist or drug specialist. Paracetamol is contained in numerous mix solutions. On the off chance that you utilize certain items together you may coincidentally utilize excessively paracetamol . Read the mark of some other medication you are utilizing to check whether it contains paracetamol, acetaminophen or APAP. Abstain from drinking liquor while taking this solution. Liquor/Alcohol may build your risk of liver harm while taking paracetamol .