Soma 500mg 120 Pills

Soma 500mg 120 Pills


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Side-Effects of Soma:

Normal symptoms of Soma include: sluggishness and quieted state. Opposite reactions include: tipsiness and migraine. See underneath for an exhaustive rundown of unfriendly impacts.

For the Consumer

Alongside its required impacts, carisoprodol (the dynamic fixing contained in Soma) may cause some undesirable impacts. In spite of the fact that not these reactions may happen, on the off chance that they do happen they may require medicinal consideration.

Check with your specialist quickly if any of the accompanying symptoms happen while taking carisoprodol:

Occurrence Not Known

  1. Dark, falter stools
  2. chest torment
  3. chills
  4. cool sweats
  5. perplexity
  6. spasms
  7. hack
  8. tipsiness, faintness, or wooziness while getting up all of a sudden from a lying or sitting position
  9. quick, beating, or unpredictable heartbeat or heartbeat
  10. fever
  11. loss of bladder control
  12. muscle fit or snapping all things considered
  13. excruciating or troublesome pee
  14. shortness of breath
  15. sore throat
  16. bruises, ulcers, or white spots on the lips or in the mouth
  17. sudden loss of awareness
  18. swollen organs
  19. surprising draining or wounding

surprising tiredness or shortcoming


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