Soma 500mg 60 Pills

Soma 500mg 60 Pills


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Carisoprodol is utilized present moment to treat muscle agony and inconvenience. It is generally utilized alongside rest, exercise based recuperation, and different medicines. It works by loosening up the muscles.


Take this drug by mouth with or without nourishment as coordinated by your specialist, normally 4 times each day.

The measurement depends on your therapeutic condition and reaction to treatment. This drug should just be utilized present moment (for 3 weeks or less) except if coordinated by your specialist. Try not to expand your portion or utilize this medication more regularly or for longer than recommended. Your condition won’t enhance any quicker, and your danger of reactions will increment.

This prescription may cause withdrawal responses, particularly in the event that it has been utilized routinely for quite a while or in high portions. In such cases, withdrawal side effects, (for example, stomach issues, inconvenience resting, migraine, sickness) may happen on the off chance that you all of a sudden quit utilizing this medicine. To counteract withdrawal responses, your specialist may diminish your portion step by step. Counsel your specialist or drug specialist for more subtleties, and report any withdrawal responses immediately.


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